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China successfully launched new generation meteorological satellite

China has successfully placed a new generation meteorological satellite in its designated orbit. This satellite will be used in the field of weather analysis, environment and disaster monitoring. The satellite ‘Fengyun-4B’ (FY-4B) was launched early in the morning by a Long March-3B rocket from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province. It was told that China’s first new generation meteorological satellite FY-4B will be used in the fields of weather analysis and forecasting and environment and disaster monitoring.

China National Space Administration (CNAA) said in a press release that the new satellite will strengthen China’s surveillance system and capabilities to deal with small and medium-scale disasters. In addition, it will provide information security services for a range of sectors, including meteorology, agriculture, aviation, ocean and environmental protection. This satellite is capable of monitoring Asia, the Central Pacific Ocean region and the Indian Ocean region, which will increase China’s ability to accurately forecast extreme weather conditions including storms and cyclones.