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Iran-backed militias attack US bases in Iraq with drones

Iran-backed militias have used combat drones in recent months to strike US-held bases in Iraq. Michael P Mulroy, a former Central Intelligence Agency official, said, “Adrone attacks are a big deal, one of the most important threats facing our soldiers.”
Small, explosive drones have been used by Iran at least three times in the past two months, according to US officials. Iraqi targets have also been targeted late at night. The targets that were attacked also include the CIA and US special operations units.
Three US officials with knowledge of the matter told the news outlet that the drones used in the attacks had been partially recovered and an analysis showed that the drones were made in Iran or with technology provided by Iran.

Iran is using its military to pressure the US on hopes that it will lift economic sanctions imposed on the country under the 2015 nuclear deal. Where Iran agreed to limit its nuclear activities in exchange for the lifting of economic sanctions imposed on it.