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Mass resignation of junior doctors after Jabalpur High Court declared strike illegal

After the Jabalpur High Court of Madhya Pradesh declared the strike of junior doctors illegal and ordered them to return to work, junior doctors have resigned collectively. Health services in the state are getting affected due to the strike of junior doctors.

The junior doctors of the state are going on strike for other demands including increase in stipend. Health services are badly affected due to this and apart from corona, there are many problems in the treatment of black fungus patients. Hearing on a petition filed in the Jabalpur High Court regarding the strike of junior doctors, a two-judge bench on Thursday directed the striking doctors to return within 24 hours. At the same time, the government was told that if the striking employees do not return to duty by the stipulated time, then strict action should be taken against them.

It is to be known that there are six medical colleges in the state and there are three thousand junior doctors. The going on strike of these junior doctors is having a huge impact on the health services. This is because the major responsibility of the hospitals coming under the medical colleges is on these junior doctors.
State President of Junior Doctors Association Arvind Meena has said that all the junior doctors of the state have resigned. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan is the head of the state, so he should take initiative and make efforts to end the strike. Junior doctors are ready to talk to the government.

Meena, the state president of the association of junior doctors, has accused the government of putting unnecessary pressure. They say that if this pressure strategy continues, they will take to the streets and they are getting the support of other people as well. Along with this, the order given by the High Court will also be appealed to the Supreme Court.
These days the state is going through the crisis of corona epidemic and black fungus, in such a situation the patients are suffering due to the strike. On this issue, Meena says that the connected is constantly demanding from the government to listen to it and take the initiative to end the strike, but it is not happening. I do not understand what is the insistence of the government.