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Modi government has shied away from the responsibility of fighting Corona: Pritam

Congress launched a campaign across the state on Friday demanding free COVID-19 vaccination to every citizen of the country. Party delegation led by State Congress President Pritam Singh met Governor Baby Rani Maurya at Raj Bhavan and submitted a memorandum to him. Later in a conversation with reporters, State President Pritam Singh alleged that the Modi government at the Center has shied away from the responsibility of fighting Corona. He demanded that every day one crore vaccination should be done in the country. On the instructions of the Congress High Command, the state organization has raised its voice for free vaccination. In support of this demand in district headquarters across the state, the party sent memorandums to the governor through district magistrates. In a memorandum submitted to the Governor, State Congress President Pritam Singh said that COVID-19 has caused pain to almost every Indian family. Vaccination is the only protection against epidemics. The vaccination strategy of the Modi government is a dangerous cocktail of blunders. The government forgot the responsibility while making this plan. The government remained oblivious to the purchase of the vaccine. He alleged that profiteering is being encouraged by fixing three-three prices of the same vaccine. The government is guilty of mismanagement. Till May 31, only 21.31 crore vaccines were administered. Only 4.45 crore Indians got two doses of the vaccine. If this pace continues, it will take three years for vaccination. In such a situation, how citizens can be saved from the third wave of corona. The central government should answer this.
The state president said that the central government should buy the vaccine and distribute it free of cost to the states and private hospitals. All persons above the age of 18 years should be vaccinated by December 31. State Vice President Suryakant Dhasmana, Metropolitan President Lalchand Sharma, State Congress Scheduled Caste Cell President Rajkumar and Godavari Thapli were among those who submitted the memorandum to the Governor.