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People who have recovered from Corona need not fear for 10 months!

Although it is difficult for people to escape from corona virus, but people who have been hit by corona need not fear for 10 months. New research has revealed that the risk of re-infection in these people is low for 10 months. This has been revealed in a study conducted by scientists at University College London (UCL) on care home residents and staff.

The study, published in The Lancet Healthy Longevity, said that it was seen that care home residents who were previously infected with COVID-19, the risk of getting infected in the months of October and February was up to 85 percent less than those who Those who had not been a victim of infection before.
Study lead researcher Maria Kritikov from the UCL Institute of Health Informatics said, ‘It is really good news that natural infection prevents re-infection over this time period. The risk of getting infected twice appears to be very low.

He said, the truth is that the pre-COVID-19 infection care home provides a high level of protection to the residents. 682 care home residents have been included in this research, most of them are people whose age is 86 years. Apart from this, 1,429 care home workers are also included. Tests conducted in June and July last year revealed that only about a third of these people were found to have corona infection.