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Pfizer’s vaccine will also be available for children in the third wave

The way has been cleared for Pfizer and Moderna’s vaccine to enter the country after the Indian government indicated exemption from compensatory protection and complementary testing. With the arrival of Pfizer vaccines, India can be of great help in the war against the third wave of Corona, because Pfizer’s vaccine will also be for children.
Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director, AIIMS said that providing compensatory protection to Pfizer and Moderna will boost COVID-19 vaccination not only for adults but also for children. Guleria said that this has been done in the past also when the government had given emergency approval to all vaccines which were approved by agencies of US, UK or EU and WHO. Based on that emergency clearance for vaccines with clearances from these agencies has already been actually granted and the issue of compensation also seems to be resolved. So I think we’ll have a Pfizer vaccine coming soon for kids and adults. Let us tell you that the role of Pfizer can be important to stop the third wave of corona, because analysis of many data and scientific research has expressed fears that children may be targets of corona in the third wave. This is the reason that now the preparations are intensifying to save the children from the third wave. Meanwhile, the leading domestic vaccine manufacturer, Serum Institute of India, said that it should also get indemnity protection under the Kovid vaccine obligation. He says that the rules should be the same for all companies. Sources have given this information. The development comes after Pfizer and Moderna requested the Indian government to exempt them from indemnity protection and supplemental testing.