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Isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall very likely over Assam, Meghalaya, Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & Sikkim today;& over Odisha on 10th June

According to the National Weather Forecasting Centre of the India Meteorological Department:

(Sunday06June 2021, EVENING, Time of Issue: 1630 hours IST)



  • Southwest Monsoon has further advanced into more parts of central Arabian Sea, some more parts of Maharashtra, entire Karnataka,some more parts of Telengana, entire Tamil Nadu, some more parts of Andhra Pradesh, more parts ofcentral Bay of Bengal and northeastBay of Bengal and thenceentire northeastern states of India(Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura, Assam & Meghalaya, ArunachalPradesh),mostpartsof Sub-HimalayanWestBengal& Sikkimtoday,the 06thJune2021.
  • The Northern Limit of Monsoon (NLM) passes through lat. 18.0°N/ Long. 65°E, lat. 18.5°N/ Long. 70°E, Alibagh, Pune, Medak,Nalgonda,Rentachintala,Sriharikota,lat. 14°N/Long.85.0°E,16°N/88°E,20°N/90.5°Eand24.0°N/89.5°EandBagdogra.
  • Due to strengthening of southwesterly winds and a cyclonic circulation over Sub-Himalayan West Bengal & neighbourhood in lowertropospheric level; fairly widespread to widespread rainfall activity very likely over Northeastern states and adjoining East India duringnext 4-5 days. Isolated heavy rainfall very likely over Arunachal Pradesh on 06th & 08th; over Assam & Meghalaya & Sub-HimalayanWest Bengal & Sikkim on 08th & 09h; over Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram & Tripura on 06th-07th; over Odisha on 08th & 09th; overGangetic West Bengal on 10th June. Isolated heavy to very heavy rainfall also very likely over Assam & Meghalaya & Sub-HimalayanWestBengal& Sikkimontoday,the 06thJuneandoverOdishaon 10thJune.
  • Under the influence of the off-shore trough at mean sea level from north Maharashtra coast to north Kerala coast and a cycloniccirculationoverKonkan&Goainlowertroposphericlevels;scatteredtowidespreadrainfallaccompaniedwiththunderstorm,lightningandgustywinds very likelyoverpartsofsouth peninsularIndiaandWestcoastwithisolated heavyrainfall today, the06thJune2021.

Strongsurface winds(25-35kmph)likelytoprevailover plainsofNorthwestIndiaduring08th-10th June