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Kamala Harris discusses migration issues with the President of Mexico

US Vice President Kamala Harris discussed with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador to address the root causes of mass migration from Central America to the US. If we are to address the issues that plague America’s southern border, we must have the ability to address the root causes of people’s migration, Ms Harris said. I have talked with Mr. Obrador about the southern border of Mexico.

The US vice president said most of the migrants are from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras fleeing their homes because of crime or poverty. The two leaders also discussed issues related to the easing of travel restrictions between the two countries and the extension of temporary work visas for expatriates by Mexico.

Ms Harris, however, did not discuss the policy of former President Donald Trump’s time known as Title 42, which allows the US government to immediately repatriate migrant adults and families seeking asylum at the southern border due to corona virus concerns.

Hundreds of thousands of migrants have been illegally migrating to the US to request asylum in recent months, according to data from US Customs and Border Protection.