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Himachal Pradesh / Parwanoo : International level awareness day celebrated with pomp

International Level Awareness Day was celebrated with pomp on Thursday. Head constable Naveen Kumar and ASI Shashi Kumar, by RPF security organization Railway Ambala Division on Himachal Pradesh’s Mint Railway, awakened the people by pump flat by standing near the railway gate.

He told that he should follow the rules of crossing the gate, when the gate was closed, people, drivers and passers-by used to stop. On this occasion, the police department made people aware that they should follow these rules.

He told that he should stop first and then look either way or after that the car should not be seen and cross the gate only after giving a hearing to the city. Many times such accidents also happen near the gate, people who are seen taking out their two wheelers even after the gate is closed, they play on their lives and do such an act which is harmful.

They are guilty even through the law, don’t do such acts. Do your part in making your life clean, beautiful and healthy. When the gate is closed, park your vehicle at a distance of 5 yards from the gate and wait for the gate to open, in this only these rules can be followed which every citizen should adopt. This information was given by Head Constable Naveen Kumar and ASI Shashi Kumar.