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We have a good mix of experience and youth in our team: Lilima Minz

Indian women’s hockey team midfielder Lilima Minz feels that the Olympic core group currently preparing for the Tokyo Olympics has a good mix of experienced and young players. According to Lilima, experienced players are important to guide the team in difficult situations, while young players are equally important to add energetic dynamism to the team.

The 27-year-old midfielder said, “Many new and young players have brought a new outlook and healthy competition to the team. There is good competition to make it to the final team and if I want to secure a place in the team then I have to work hard and prove myself. It motivates me to do well because it is every athlete’s dream to play in the Olympics and I know all our players are doing it.

Lilima said, “The Olympic Core Group national camp has a very good mix of experienced players who have played many international matches for India in the past and young players who have the hunger and the right direction to prove themselves at a higher level. Such a balance in the team allows young players to seek the guidance of senior members who know what it is like to play at Olympic level for the first time.

On the similarities between the current national camp and the team that went to the Rio Olympic Games in 2016, he said, “It is helpful to have a core group of players who have experienced an Olympic-like opportunity before.” The good thing is that many players from the 2016 Olympic team are present in this camp. Sometimes players can get overwhelmed on a big occasion like the Olympics.