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New IT rules will also be applicable on digital platforms of TV channels and newspapers

The government turned down the request of the NBA

The government has implemented new IT rules only last month. There was also a lot of controversy with social media companies regarding the new IT rule of the Government of India, although everyone has implemented the new rule on their platform. After the introduction of the new rule, the National Broadcasters Association (NBA) had requested to keep the digital platforms of TV channels and newspapers out of the new rules, which the government has turned down.

In such a situation, now the new IT rules will be applicable on the digital platforms of TV channels and newspapers as well. The NBA had requested the government that these platforms are already bound by many types of rules, so it would not be right to apply another new rule on them.
The ministry has declined the NBA’s request. The ministry says that the new rule is not going to put any extra burden on anyone and there is nothing wrong in bringing them under the ambit of the new rule. The ministry says that it is not proper to include any kind of exception in the law. So the new rules will apply equally to all.

The ministry also clarified that when any news of a digital news publisher is broadcast on an OTT platform, such content shall be out of the regulatory responsibility of that platform, however, if an OTT platform is permitted to carry such news or content. If any complaint is received, he can transfer the matter to the publisher concerned with that news.
According to the new IT rule of the central government, the digital platform will have to remove the objectionable content within 24 hours of the complaint. Apart from this, a Nodal Officer and Resident Grievance Officer will have to be appointed who will be from India. Both these officers will have to settle the complaints within 15 days. Apart from this, the platforms will have to report every month to the government how many complaints have been received and how many have been resolved.