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Kumbh fake corona investigation: Strict action will be taken against the culprits: CM Uttarakhand

Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat said that during the Haridwar Kumbh, a decision was taken to investigate the fraud in Corona Antigen and RTPCR investigation from the SIT. Whoever is found guilty in the investigation, strict action will be taken against them. On the other hand, former Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat welcomed the decision of the SIT investigation. Responding to the media’s question at the BJP headquarters on Saturday, Chief Minister Tirath Rawat said that a general inquiry was initiated into the matter earlier. Realizing the seriousness of the forgery, it has now been handed over to the SIT, whoever is found guilty will not be spared under any circumstances. Said that those who have such intentions would be identified in the holy Kumbh Mela. On the other hand, when former CM Trivendra Rawat also came to participate in the BJP Provincial Working Committee meeting, on the question of the media, he said that he too was demanding a SIT investigation. Now the government has decided to investigate SIT then it is a very good thing.

Tirath-Trivendra came face to face: CM Tirath Rawat and former CM Trivendra Rawat had come face to face in the Haridwar Mahakumbh Corona investigation fraud. CM Tirath had earlier said that the tender was not awarded to the firm concerned at his time. All this happened during his first term. So after this, former CM Trivendra, considering it a serious crime, calling it economic and playing with the lives of people, said that in whatever period this fraud took place, there should be a high level or judicial inquiry. The BJP had to come on the back foot after the different statements of the current and former CMs of the party.
Officers will also come under investigation: The officers who have given tender for corona investigation to the firm will also come under investigation. The government has given such indications. According to sources, those officers of the fair administration who were directly monitoring it, at present, their prime posting may be hindered. The government has given this indication by putting IAS Anshul Singh, who was the Deputy Mail Officer of Haridwar Kumbh and on the obligatory waiting list. IAS Anshul was earlier posted as Deputy Collector of USnagar, which was canceled by the government on Friday itself.