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Uttarakhand : State Working Committee meeting held at BJP headquarters

BJP is not competing with any political party, but with anti-national forces: Dushyant
Every worker will have to take a pledge to contribute in nation building

In the virtual meeting of the BJP State Working Committee held at the state headquarters, the state in-charge and National General Secretary Dushyant Kumar Gautam said that every BJP worker will have to take a pledge to contribute in nation building with dedication. In his address, he said that in the present circumstances, we are not challenged by any political party, but the fight is between BJP and anti-national forces. Opposing forces are trying to defame our faith, culture and religion. He said that an attempt was made to defame the Kumbh as a carrier of corona, but it was surprising that there were very few corona patients in Haridwar. At the same time, the eyes of the opponents did not go towards Maharashtra, Punjab, Jharkhand, Delhi and other states. Because the festival of Sanatan culture was going on in Haridwar. Those who put obstacles in the path of Ram temple and question the existence of Ram are spreading all kinds of rumors about the temple. He called upon the workers that the way the little squirrel also contributed self-motivatedly in the construction of Ram Setu, in the same way the workers should contribute in the construction of the country. Not only to get power, but also to work for nation building. Earlier, the virtual meeting of BJP State Working Committee was inaugurated by State President Madan Kaushik, Dushyant Gautam, Chief Minister Tirath Singh Rawat, Organization General Secretary Ajay Kumar, Rajendra Bhandari, Kuldeep Kumar by lighting the lamp. In his presidential address, State President Madan Kaushik said that during this epidemic of Corona period, all the opposition parties worked to mislead the people of the state, but BJP workers were continuously serving the people by taking their lives in their hands even during this epidemic. Been busy. Control rooms were established by the Bharatiya Janata Party at the state headquarters and 14 district headquarters and through these thousands of people were helped day and night. Whether someone needs oxygen, whether there is a need for ventilator or in ration or other need, our workers reach everywhere with the necessary materials. In this epidemic, where BJP was fighting against Karona, the same opposition was fighting with BJP. He said that more than 5000 units of blood were collected by Yuva Morcha by organizing blood donation camps in the entire state, whereas the work of distributing self-made masks was done door-to-door by Mahila Morcha continuously. The State President said that during the second wave of Korana, health services were mobilized by the government on a war footing. A 500-bed hospital in Rishikesh was built in just 3 weeks with the help of DRDO. Similarly, in Haldwani, a hospital record of 500 beds was prepared in 21 days. The government did the work of providing all the health equipments like ventilators, oxygen beds, oxygen cylinders etc. in the state. The BJP government also did the work of setting up oxygen plants in remote places like Almora and Gopeshwar. Mr. Kaushik said that the Salt by-election was termed as the semi-final of 2022 by the opposition and BJP won the semi-final with a huge majority and in the same way in 2022, the BJP would win the final as well. Just as the dedicated workers of BJP were engaged in public service in the first Corona wave, in the same way in the second wave also the service organization is serving the public through Part-2. In the second session, the State General Secretary, Organization, Ajay was given the circular request and information about the upcoming program. State General Secretary Ajay asked to ensure that all upcoming programs are done up to the Mandal level.

Shri Ajay laid the outline of the upcoming programs of the party with the request of the meeting, in which 15 programs were decided in which state level training would be organized in 6 sessions from June 20 to 6 weeks. All the workers will be trained under this. On the occasion of International Yoga Day on June 21, a target has been set to organize yoga camps up to the booth level. 23 June on the birthday of Dr. Shyama Prasad Mookerjee, which is celebrated as Memorial Day, from June 23 to July 6 across the state at the booth level by garlanding the statue of Dr. Mookerjee and with a lecture on his thoughts and sacrifice. Campaigns, tree plantation and plastic-free campaigns will be run. On June 25, the Emergency imposed by the Congress in the country will be celebrated as Black Day. Under this, through video conferencing, press conference, making them aware about the attack on democracy by the Congress and meeting MISA prisoners during the Emergency, they will be honored. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Mann Ki Baat program to be organized in the month of June 27 is to be organized at every booth and to listen and publicize Mann Ki Baat program with maximum people. Under the campaign containing Mera Booth Vaccination, a campaign has been started to motivate people for the second dose of vaccine to ensure vaccination of all people above 18 years of age.