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Self-reliant India 5G Telecom a step towards global technological leadership

India has a huge subscriber base (number of mobile phone users). The next generation telecom network is 5G. India is moving towards achieving global leadership in the field of telecommunications. For any country to attain leadership in a particular field, it is absolutely necessary to develop its technical base and possess global property rights in that area. Telecom is very important for India. Indian industry and academia have developed an indigenous standard. Named 5G i (5G-India), which will enable highly mobile coverage compared to the current global 5G standard. The overall coordination for its development was done by Professor of IIT Madras and member of National Security Advisor Prof.V. Made by Karakoti.

5G i is a definite superset of 5G, which means if a device works in 5G i environment then it will definitely work in 5G environment as well. 5Gi will be a boon for rural India as it will ensure wide coverage in rural areas at a low cost. The larger 5G facility will also reduce the number of towers/base stations that need to be installed. This will reduce power consumption and electronic waste generated. The cost of installation and operation will also be lower as less number of towers are required due to increased coverage. Which is said to mean lower subscription cost for the end user. 5Gi will be relevant for many other countries besides India. Once successfully deployed in India, there is a very good chance that it will be deployed elsewhere in the world, making it a global standard. This is an opportunity for India to truly globalize itself at once and become a global leader in critical technology.