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Uttar Pradesh : Ayush shootout: BJP MP Kaushal Kishore’s family accused of kidnapping Ankita, pleaded with CM

BJP MP from Mohanlalganj in Lucknow, Kaushal Kishor and his son Ayush Kishor have been accused by Ankita’s father that their daughter has been kidnapped by BJP MP and his family members. The girl’s father said that she had come to appear in the Lucknow District Court on the last 16th. After this, Ankita was going to her elder sister’s son’s house for the Agra Birthday party, during which she was kidnapped. Now he is being threatened with death.

The relatives of Ayush’s wife Ankita say that Ankita’s phone was coming off since 4 o’clock. We want to appeal to the Chief Minister for justice that Ankita should be saved. Otherwise he will be murdered. The family says that Ankita sent a message to her elder sister and that message has also come to us. In that message issued by the family, it is written that Ayush has changed the place. Don’t message from there. Now he has brought me near Delhi’s Laxmi Nagar metro station. If Ankita’s father is to be believed, then his daughter has been missing for several days. That is why he is pleading with the Chief Minister that his daughter should be saved.

In the application given by Ankita’s father to the Commissionerate of Police, it has been said that the son of MP Ayush married his daughter according to Hindu customs. After this, Ayush started living with his daughter in Vrindavan Colony located at the farm house. After some time, when his daughter came to know that Ayush had an illicit relationship with another woman, she talked to Ayush about this. On which Ayush said that you have to stay in one house only. You will not have to go anywhere from here and if you go from here, I will kill you.

Ankita’s father also said in the application given to the police that Ayush continued to sexually abuse his daughter against her will for several months. He kept on having illicit relations with her in an unnatural way. Due to which Ankita tried to run away from there many times. During this, Ankita also became pregnant twice but she was given medicine and aborted. Ankita had also told her family about the forced sexual abuse.

Ankita’s father says that he has given applications to the police many times, but no action was taken against the accused due to political outreach. In this sequence, on the 16th, his daughter went to the District Court on a single appearance. Where Ayush and his other associates kidnapped her. She could not be found even after a lot of searching. Around 9:15 am, Ankita secretly messaged her from mobile and said that Ayush and his family members have kidnapped her. You guys get an FIR done and don’t send messages on this mobile.

Now Ankita’s father has expressed apprehension in his application that after killing his daughter, the corpse will be disappeared. The family demands that action should be taken against Ayush, his elder brother Vikas Kishore and friend Aman Ghazi alias Bobby by registering an FIR.

BJP MP clarified
Now BJP MP Kaushal Kishor has issued a statement in this matter. He says that Ankita’s family members are making fabricated and baseless allegations. The MP said that neither I have anything to do with Ayush and Ankita nor with their families. Those people are living separately. A few days ago there was a dispute between Ankita and Aayush. After which they are living with each other again. Ankita is living with Ayush of her own free will.

The BJP MP further said that the allegations made by Ankita’s father Ashish Singh against me and my family are completely baseless and fake. He said that I have come to know through the media that while giving an application against me, Ashish Singh has alleged that we have kidnapped his daughter Ankita, which is completely fake and baseless.