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Uttarakhand / Rudrapur : Democracy fighters honored

Democracy fighters Harish Pant and Kishan Lal Narang were honored in a program organized at Mandi Guest House on the anniversary of Emergency. During this, RSS’s department pracharak Narendra said that on this day in 1975, Congress killed the world’s most democracy by imposing emergency in the country due to selfishness and arrogance of power. Countless satyagrahis were imprisoned overnight in jail cells and locked in the press. MLA Rajesh Shukla said that the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi put political opponents in jail. He alleged that the Emergency imposed to quell the voices raised against a family is a dark chapter in the history of independent India. During this, department campaigner Narendra and MLA Rajesh Shukla honored democracy fighters Harish Pant and Kishan Lal Narang along with BJP workers. Kamalendra Semwal, Vivek Rai, Dinesh Bhatia, Rakesh Gupta, Abhishek Saxena were here.