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Variation in edible oils, sugar, jaggery, wheat stagnant

In the Delhi Wholesale Commodities Market, where sunflower oil rose, groundnut oil and palm oil softened amid volatility in edible oils overseas. During this period, lentils registered an increase, while wheat, sugar as well as rice saw stability.

Oil-oilseeds: Globally, the September futures of palm oil slipped two ringgit to 3,375 ringgit per tonne on the Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Exchange in Malaysia. At the same time, US soya oil futures for December rose 1.78 cents to 54.11 cents per pound.

Sunflower oil rose by Rs 148 per quintal, while groundnut oil fell by Rs 220 and palm oil by Rs 74 per quintal due to increased demand in the local market. There was no change in the prices of Mustard Oil, Soya Oil and Vegetables.