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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Demonstration of villagers for road construction

Villagers demonstrated for road construction in village Dogiwala of Dhanpura, Gram Panchayat of Pathri area. The villagers have also demanded the construction of a roadside drain and removal of the piles of dirt on both sides of the road. On Saturday, the villagers demonstrated on the main road going to the village Dogiwala and the construction of a drain to drain the water on both sides. Villagers Salim Ahmed, Rampal, Sunil, Rajkumar, Deepak Kumar, Ramesh Kumar, Dilshad, Sunil Chauhan told that the main road of the village goes through Dhanpura. The road is no longer even for pedestrians. At the same time, due to non-construction of drains on both sides of the road, the dirty water coming out of village Dhanpura is passing through the road. Due to this people are facing difficulty in commuting. Village secretary Sachin Chauhan said that many times the garbage dumps have been removed from the roadside. Even after persuasion, villagers are again dumping garbage at the same place. Dustbin will be installed there after removing the garbage soon. JE AK Mishra of Public Works Department said that the work of repairing the road would be started soon. A drain is to be constructed to drain the water in the village. For which the budget has been demanded.