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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Semi-naked demonstration of villagers in Juddo

Most of the villagers have become unemployed due to the neglect of the government.

Villagers on Saturday demonstrated semi-nude against the state government in Juddo, the Lakhwad-Vyasi dam project site. Villagers say that if the government’s neglect continues, they will not even have a roof to cover their heads and clothes to wear. In the first fortnight of June, even after two rounds of talks with the local administration, there is increasing resentment among the villagers against the government due to non-action on the demands. The villagers say that the Jal Vidyut Nigam management and the state government are constantly neglecting them. The villagers sitting on a dharna against the state government told that the government is not taking care of them despite the peaceful agitation for almost a month. The public representatives, who claim to solve the problems of the people, are not bothering to come to the protest site. Due to which the villagers who are agitating for their legitimate demands are feeling cheated. Told that due to the neglect of the government, most of the villagers have become unemployed. Agricultural land was acquired for the project. After which the villagers are left with no means of livelihood. Dam affected are also finding it difficult to maintain the family. With this, the government has not yet displaced them, even though the village is completely submerged in the area. Due to lack of displacement, the problem of providing shelter to the family has also arisen in front of them. Told that due to the neglect of the government, after some time they will face the danger of living under the open sky. Whereas, due to lack of means of livelihood, the problem of maintaining the family has arisen from now on. Told that to make the government feel their helplessness, they have been forced to demonstrate semi-naked. Naresh Chauhan, Shoorveer Singh, Sanjay, Inder Singh, Rajpal, Sandeep etc. were involved in the demonstration.