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Another player said goodbye to the world, a wave of mourning in the sports world

Qatar’s sprinter Abdullah Haroon died in a car accident. In the 2017 World Championships, he won a bronze medal in the 400m competition. There was a wave of mourning in the sports world due to the death of Abdullah. The 24-year-old former world junior champion was expected to qualify for the Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo this year. However, he was currently recovering from an injury. On his death, Sheikh Joan bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, the head of the Qatar Olympic Committee, tweeted saying, Qatar’s brave sprinter died in a car accident.

Haroon was born in Sudan and represented Qatar since 2015. This year, he won the 400m race title at the age of 18 in a competition to be held in Asia. He completed this distance in 44.27 seconds, setting a record. The same year he won the Asian Indoor title and won a silver medal at the World Indoor Championships held in Portland.

Haroon was the first Asian sprinter to win a bronze medal in the 400m race at the World Championships in 2017. In these games held in London, Abdullah Harun did this charisma while beating many athletes.