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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Lockout on Energy Corporation office due to undeclared power cut

For the unannounced power cuts in the urban and rural areas, the District Congress Committee staged a symbolic lock-down at the office of the Executive Engineer of the Energy Corporation. Congress workers alleged that the competent authorities had gone missing before reaching their office, due to which they had to impose a lockdown. Congress District President Sanjay Kishor Mahendru said during the dharna on Monday that undeclared power cuts are being done by the Energy Corporation without prior notice. On Sunday, the corporation cut power for about nine hours in urban areas and twelve hours in rural areas. The farmers of rural areas are facing double whammy due to power cut. Apart from being troubled by the sultry heat, they are also not getting water for the fields, due to which there is also a danger of ruining the standing crops in the fields. The problem of drinking water also arises due to the shutdown of power supply, he said. Cutting power during the summer season is tantamount to exploiting the public. City President Shammi Prakash said that the government officials in the area remained insensitive to the problems of the people. All the competent officers disappeared from the office as soon as the Congress workers reached the Energy Corporation office regarding the problem of electricity. Meanwhile, the public had also reached the office with their problems. Told that the energy corporation officials never take the problems of the consumers seriously. They don’t even answer the phone calls of the general public. Due to this, the problems of the people are not solved in time. Congress workers locked down the office of the executive officer for about one and a half hours. Later on reaching the office of the SDO of the corporation, the lock of the office was opened. Congress workers asked SDO Manoj Kandwal to put a stop to the undeclared cuts and solve the problems of the general public. Congress State Secretaries Prem Prakash Agarwal, Shashi Chauhan, Baljit Singh, Nitin Verma, Rahul Verma, Sahil Pathan, Mayaram Nautiyal, Rajveer, Azim, Akram, Ashok Jugran, Anas Munir, Asad, Faheem Ansari, Jaspreet Kaur, Abhirajan among those who imposed the lockdown , Amardeep Majithia, Sudhanshu, Rohan etc.