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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Markets should be sanitized in weekly closure: Mata

Pankaj Mata, General Secretary of Dev Ganga Vyapar Mandal has demanded from the administration to implement weekly bandh on Wednesday instead of Sunday. Along with this, there has been a demand to sanitize the markets during the weekly bandh. Pankaj Mata has expressed his gratitude to the Chief Minister and said that after the long lockdown, the government and administration have extended the time to open the market, giving relief to the traders. which should be welcomed. The opening of shops six days a week will bring relief to the traders facing financial crunch. He said that along with giving permission to open the market, the government should also relax the rules on the border. So that more and more devotees and tourists can come to Haridwar. Mata said that the cases of corona in the district have reduced drastically. Nevertheless, caution is necessary. Traders should also cooperate in this. Merchants themselves should also fulfill the Kovid rules and motivate the customers to follow the rules as well. Make sure to follow proper distance at the time of rush at shops. So that the third wave of corona can be prevented from coming. He said that the municipal administration should completely sanitize all the markets during the weekly bandh.