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Every artist has a dream to connect with audiences on every platform: Ravi Bhatia

Actor Ravi Bhatia is currently seen in the web series, Shukla the Tiger. He considers himself lucky that he got the opportunity to work in all three mediums Television, Films and OTT.

Shukla the Tiger has given him new fans on OTT. The actor has been a part of television shows like Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se and Ishq Subhan Allah, and now has the pipeline film The Conversion.

The actor said, “As an actor, I feel blessed to work and act on all three platforms, whether TV screen, digital or Bollywood. I have had the opportunity to connect with and entertain my audience in each of them. I think it’s everyone’s dream. artists and we all look for such opportunities

Ravi’s upcoming film The Conversation is directed by Vinod Tiwari. And its story is based on triangle love.

Talking about the film, the actor says, it is not a simple love triangle that we have seen before, but I can assure our viewers that they will enjoy watching a new story that happens during Indian love marriage. sensitively explores the dilemma of religious conversions
Apart from this, the actor will also be seen in the web series Madgaon The Closed File, which also stars veteran actress Zeenat Aman.