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Had to find different ways of entertainment during lockdown: Vir Das

Comedian Vir Das, who premiered his new creator show on Snapchat this week, says his audience is shrinking. Viewers with whom I don’t know how to connect and I will reveal about that in the show. Titled Vir Das – The Most Epic Max Show, it will bring together local and original Indian creator show Veer in a new format to engage with a new audience. According to Snapchat, he will take on impossible and new challenges in the show. Each challenge is either epic or a complete fail, but either way Veer has found it a fun learning experience. The weekly series premiered on June 24, with episodes scheduled to arrive every Thursday, and each episode will give viewers a glimpse of the real comedians and a glimpse into their lives and friends.

Das said, I am coming from a place unknown and I am coming from a place that I want to learn, but am also prepared to fail massively and spectacularly. So I think this is where artists are content creators, I think people are starting to recognize that we have nuances and we have layers that can go across different platforms. So yes, maybe I’m doing standup on one stage and maybe I go acting on another stage, but I’m just going home.

Veer said, while the past year was extremely challenging, being at home for a long time, the only thing the pandemic gave me was time. Time to rephrase, rethink, and revisit some of the things I only thought about but never really did. In the lockdown I found unique ways to entertain my audience and most importantly, this show is one of the ways that I managed to do. I hope Snap audiences across the country enjoy it. When asked how his personality reflects in the show, Veer shared.

The show we’re doing with Snapchat is a very simple concept, which is that you don’t have to do epic things to feel epic. I think it’s been a tough year and everyone in the world deserves to do epic things and feel that they have achieved something great. So, whether it’s me trying to beat the most popular noodles in India, see if I can do it in less than two minutes. Your fridge as well as making the most sweets or I have to recognize that my wife married me and the most epic apology.

Like all shows on Snapchat, episodes are on average three to five minutes long, full-screen vertical. Each series is authentic to the creator’s passion and is available to over 70 million viewers in India who have watched Snapchat shows in the past year.