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Uttarakhand / New Tehri : Suggestions for ropeway and park construction

These days Wave Consultancy is doing survey work to find out the tourism possibilities in the district. Under the survey, Director of Infrastructure Sandeep Khanduri is also on tour. Traders and Hotel Association, meeting Khanduri, put forth various suggestions regarding the tourism development of Tehri. Those who were assured of attention. Traders and hoteliers, keeping their views, told the director that the proposed ropeway from Koti Colony should be connected to Devi Dhar picnic spot in New Tehri. One stop should be constructed above Badri Panda ITI located on Jail Road. Along with making a trekking route from the outpost of the Forest Department to Devidhar picnic spot located in Dijer, a trekking route should be made from Chamund to Devidhar. Along with building a tourist reception center at Daijer, the entrance gate of New Tehri, the possibilities of artificial lake construction should be explored at the Daizer Gadhre of New Tehri. Eco park should be constructed at the nursery site of Bhamashah Vatika and Tehri Dam forest department near Daiger with the help of forest department. New Tehri city should be connected with the travel route and the nearby villages of Jaledi and Kemsari should be connected by road. The mythological Suri Devi temple New Tehri should be connected with the previously proposed Surkanda, Kunjapuri and Chandrabadni tourism circuit. Building should be constructed on the pre-selected land for cultural center and museum in New Tehri city. Tehri should be made a replica in the memory of the historical mythical Tehri city. Green Park, Child Park, Rock Garden, Disney Park should be constructed in the proposed master plan of New Tehri Nagar. View points should be made near the road routes from Dhanaulti and Rishikesh to Baya Chamba to New Tehri. Expansion of Suman Park along with construction of zoo in forest area behind THDC Guest House, expansion of parking located near Suri Devi Temple and THDC Guest House, construction of parking near Padiar Bhawan, coming towards Collectorate near District Collectorate. And a new parking should be constructed between the road leading to the bungalow of DFO. Along with preparing the gravity drinking water plan for the new Tehri city, a proposal to make drinking water supply mini tubewell in Koti Colony was placed before the director. On which the director said to consider and place the proposal before the government. On this occasion, Tourism Officer Suresh Kumar Yadav, Hotel Association patron Dinesh Doval, Laxmi Bhatt, Business Board President Jyoti Prasad, Business Board District General Secretary Karma Singh Topwal, Om Prakash Raturi, Shishram Thapliyal etc. were present.