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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Teachers celebrated Harela festival by planting saplings

Under the Harela fortnight, which started from July 1, the message of environmental protection was given by planting trees in educational institutions of Pachhwadoon, Jaunsar Bawar by the teachers and the school management committee. The teachers motivated the villagers to plant medicinal and fruit plants on the vacant land around the village. During plantation at Government Inter College Langha, Principal Bhudev Semwal told that trees and plants are the basis of life. Planting trees is very important for a clean environment. That’s why everyone should plant more and more trees. Said that our responsibility does not end just by planting saplings, but the way we raise our children by raising them, in the same way we have to nurture the plants well. In High School Rudrapur, the teachers and the school management committee took a pledge to protect the forest adjacent to the school along with plantation. Principal SP Khanduri told the villagers that the protection of the forest is the responsibility of every citizen of the society. During this, Rakesh Kumar, Balwinder Kaur, GL Dhorial, JP Mishra etc. were present. Along with planting saplings in High School Madarsu, an online essay competition was organized for the students. In Rainka Kalsi, Rainka Bhimawala, Rainka Mayravana, Rainka Nagaukhet, teachers also celebrated Harela festival by planting saplings. Along with this, Pachhwadoon Vikas Manch planted saplings in Herbertpur, while Warriors Girls Foundation went door-to-door in Bairagiwala and distributed peepal, neem, mango, banyan saplings to the villagers.