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Chattisgarh : EOW-ACB proceedings ended on the locations of IPS GP Singh

⏺️Found movable and immovable assets of more than 10 crores

⏺️Calculation of movable and immovable assets still in progress

The raid proceedings of the Economic Offenses Investigation Bureau (EOW) and Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) of Chhattisgarh’s senior IPS GP Singh ended after three days. In these three days, the ACB has unearthed more than 10 crore movable and immovable assets from the IPS officer’s hideouts, while the calculation of assets and investments is still going on, due to which it is likely that the amount of movable and immovable property and may increase.

EOW-ACB has given the detailed information of this raiding proceedings to the media by issuing a press release late on Saturday night. It was informed that in respect of IPS GP Singh Additional Director General of Police, recent posting, Director State Police Training Academy, Raipur, during the tenure of Economic Crime Investigation Bureau, a preliminary inquiry was instituted in the case after disproportionately from illegal recovery and other illegal means etc. During the investigation of the preliminary investigation, strong evidence was found that disproportionate assets worth crores of rupees have been acquired by ADG GP Singh at different places by himself and family members and benami methods and big transactions have been done. Based on the above facts, EOW-ACB has registered an offense under Section 12(1) B, 13(2) Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988, as amended, and raided the premises of GP Singh.

Registered under Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 as amended in 2018 and GP Singh’s official residence-E-1, National Highway, Colony and AA, Rajnandgaon, Global Associates appeared in the investigation sequence at 1.07.2021 at 6.00 a.m. The search proceedings were carried out in compliance with the search warrant dated 30.06.2021 granted by the Special Court, Prevention of Corruption Act, Raipur at other locations including the company Badbil Orissa.

Mani Bhushan, Branch Manager, SBI Branch Sejbahar, Raipur which G. Documents (Bank Relatives) and 02 searches at the residence of a close friend of P. Singh’s residence-D-3/1, SBI Apartment, Bhagat Singh Chowk, Shankar Nagar Raipur (Chhattisgarh). Cr.G. Gold 01-01 kg A gold bar of about Rs.01 crore has been confiscated. On inquiry, the said gold bars (02 kg) were received by Mani Bhushan by G.P. Singh was told to keep the money with Bhushan for some time.

Search was conducted at the residence of Shri Preetpal Singh Chandok. In which Preetpal Singh, capable of witnesses on the spot, told that G.P. Singh’s father, Mr. Paramjit Singh, had given him a power of attorney for the purchase, sale and maintenance of properties a few years back, which he does not remember at present. It has also been learned that in August 2020, his residence and S.P. There was a raid of the cold storage Khamtrai Income Tax Department, in which the Income Tax Department has confiscated all the documents related to his residence, office business and land purchase and sale. Separate information is being obtained in this regard. During the search, Rs 13 lakh was found tied up in the form of a bundle from the bedroom of Preetpal Singh. On enquiry, it was told by Preetpal Singh that the date of the night of 30.06.2021 has been brought in a hurry, in respect of which the witness Preetpal Singh confirmed this, that this amount was given to G.P. is of lion. During the search, more than 3000 files and documents were searched in the respective establishments of Rajesh Bafna, Chartered Accountant Rajnandgaon and it has been found that G.P. 79 insurance related documents have been found in the name of Singh, his wife and son. In which there are 24 policies in the name of GP Singh, 23 policies in the name of his wife and 32 insurance policies of different companies in the name of son.

Information about more than one HUF account has been received, in which information has been found to be about 64 lakhs, in the investigation Shri G.P. A total of 17 bank accounts have been detected in the name of Singh and his family members, in which an amount of more than Rs 60 lakh is deposited, similarly more than one PPF. Accounts in which more than Rs 10 lakh have been found to be jammed. Bank Accounts and PPF There is a possibility of increase in the number of accounts. Information is being taken from all the banks.

Various companies such as Marsh Colonizer, Marsh Ritech India Private Limited, Global Associates, Aarav Solutions, Parshivar Management Consultant, Fortune Metal Limited, Crest Steel & Power Co. on different dates have made several deposits in the bank accounts of the family members of Shri GP Singh. It has been known to deposit more than 1 crore from multi-state companies. This amount is likely to increase on further scrutiny.
In the name of GP Singh’s wife and his son, 29 fixed deposit accounts have been found in the post office in which an amount of more than Rs 20 lakh is deposited. There is a possibility of increase in the number of post office accounts and deposits. Information is being taken from all the concerned post offices. Apart from this, huge amount has been invested in shares and mutual funds in the name of GP Singh and his family members on 69 occasions, in which an amount of more than 3 crores has been found to be invested. The number of mutual funds and shares and the amount invested is likely to increase. In the name of GP Singh’s family members, Highway, JCB, Concrete Mixture Vehicle Machine has also been found, which is worth Rs 65 lakh. In the investigation so far, EOW-ACB has also got information about investment of huge amount in the name of GP Singh and his family members by purchasing large quantities of plots, houses and flats in the state and outside the state. In this, 2 plots and 01 flat in the name of GP Singh, 02 houses in the name of wife, 05 plots and 01 house in the name of mother, 10 plots and 02 flats in father’s name, 23 immovable properties have been received, in which total 2.68 crores. amount has been invested. Not only this, documents have been found by GP Singh’s father regarding the sale of gold ornaments in cash amounting to lakhs of rupees, in which there seems to be a possibility of converting black money into white. Calculation of this is also going on. From his residence, useful and luxuries worth Rs 49 lakh have been found, including more than one and a half dozen laptop computers, iPads and high-end mobile devices. Along with this, more than 03 lakh cash and gold jewelery worth more than 02 lakh have been found.

In the investigation so far, total movable and immovable properties worth more than Rs 10 crore have been unearthed in the name of GP Singh and his family members. Since the calculations are still on, the amount of movable and immovable assets and investments is likely to increase.

Amount received from movable and immovable property:
Total immovable assets 22 Total value 26808496
Total Bank Account 17 Deposit Amount 5785088
Total Insurance 79 Investment Amount 1497764
Total mutual fund and shares 69 investment amount 30156837Post Office Account 29 Deposit Amount 2036000
A.U.F. 02 Investment Amount 6400000
Vehicle 03 Amount 6500000

Investment amount in multinational companies 10000000
Gold Jewelery 02 Kg Amount 10300000
Luxury goods from the place of residence Price amount 4900000
Cash amount 1630000.