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Spain reach Euro Cup semi-finals after defeating Switzerland in penalty shootout

FIFA World Cup-winning Spain national football team advanced to the semi-finals of UEFA Euro 2020 after beating Switzerland 3-1 in a penalty shootout in the first thrilling quarter-final. Spain will now take on four-time world champions Italy in the first semi-final on 7 July. There was a fork match between the two teams, due to which the score was 1-1 in full time and there was no result.

Switzerland scored just one goal in the penalty shootout that followed, while Spain won the match by scoring three goals and booked a ticket to the semi-finals. Switzerland, however, gave a tough fight to Spain before losing the match in a penalty shootout. Spain’s strong team had to struggle against Switzerland’s goalkeeper Yan Sommer. Spain created 28 goalscoring chances during the match, but each time Yon Sommer managed to stop the goal.

Spain’s team was not able to score a goal in extra time. A goal for Spain came in the eighth minute of the match and that too due to the mistake of Switzerland. In fact, a goal from midfielder Denis Zakaria’s own post gave Spain a 1-0 lead, although Switzerland managed to make a comeback in the second half. Shakiri scored in the 68th minute to level the team at 1-1.

A penalty shootout ensued after Spain was not allowed to score in extra time, in which the Swiss players disappointed. Goalkeeper Yan Sommer kept the team in the tournament with his excellent defense throughout the match and penalty shootouts, but the Switzerland players managed only one chance in the penalty shootout.