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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Protect them by planting saplings – Sunil Arora

It is necessary to maintain a balance between development and environment: Dr. Batra
Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha, Haridwar Nagarik Manch and ABVP planted saplings in SMJN College campus

After the severe shortage of oxygen in the second wave of corona, awareness about environmental protection has increased among people. On Friday, the workers of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha, Haridwar Nagrik Manch and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyathi Parishad organized SMJN. Planted hundreds of saplings in the college grounds and took a pledge to protect the environment. Before planting saplings, everyone bowed to the brave martyrs of the country on the gallantry wall built in the college. State General Secretary of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha Sunil Arora said that every person has to understand the importance of trees. The sages and sages have also made a provision to worship the trees by considering them as holy like the sun, moon and Ganges. He said that a tree emits so much oxygen in its entire life. Which gives life to many people. Therefore, planting and protecting trees is very important. Program coordinator, social worker Jagdish Lal Pahwa said that human beings have a very deep and subtle relationship with trees. Every moment of human life is related to trees. Trees are the closest friends of human beings on earth. When you cut a tree, understand that you are attacking your own life force and increasing your own troubles. Therefore, for human welfare, plant all the saplings and nurture them to become trees. Raju Oberoi said that indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources to fulfill their greed is like inviting destruction. He said that due to the global disaster of Kovid-19, the acute shortage of oxygen has come before the society. Therefore, in view of the epidemic, Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha has decided to plant saplings continuously. In which everyone should cooperate. is. Dr. Sunil Kumar Batra, Principal of SMJN College and District General Secretary of Uttaranchal Punjabi Mahasabha, Ram Arora welcomed the decision of planting saplings in the interest of society and public. While sending best wishes to Haridwar Nagarik Manch and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, Dr. Batra said that nature has given us many types of trees and herbs, which give us oxygen in the form of air of life. As nature, trees take care of our upbringing and health. But in the blind race of development, we are unintentionally attacking our own life by throwing an ax on the trees. Calling for a balance between development and environment, he said that if trees remain, then there will be human life. Dean of Student Welfare Dr. Sanjay Kumar Maheshwari said that the protection of nature is the true worship of God. Nature is our mother and without her our existence is not possible. On this occasion Raju Oberoi, Kanchan Taneja, Kunj Bhasin, Nitin Jaggi, Praveen Gaba, Akshay Malhotra, Akshat Kumar Kumar, Chetan Kochhar, Amit Bajaj, Pramod Pandhi, Sanjay Sharma, Rohit Sehgal, Anil Kumar, Karan Malhotra, Kamini Sadana, Meenakshi Chhabra, Monica Chugh, Shriram Arora, Adarsh ​​Kashyap, Bharat Taneja, Dr. Jagdish Chandra Arya, Vinay Thapliyal, Dr. Sushma Nayal, Dr. Padmavati Taneja, Prince Shrotriya, Vineet Saxena etc. were present.