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Uttar Pradesh / Lucknow : Health workers protest, boycott for two hours

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee demonstrated on Saturday by all doctors and nursing staff. Work was disrupted in the hospital for two hours, all doctors and nursing staff boycotted work from 8 am to 10 am. A meeting of employees was held under the chairmanship of Sunil Yadav, President of Pharmacist Federation. Yadav told that this demonstration is being done regarding the transfer of doctors. Told that this is a symbolic demonstration, boycotted the work for two hours to draw the attention of the government. Gaya said it would continue till Monday. Mainly the President of Civil Hospital Employees Welfare Association, Mahendra Pandey, prominent people of all cadres, who were involved in the demonstration, addressed. The employees demonstrated on the road after the rally of the hospital premises. On the other hand, all the doctors and nursing staff of the Joint Hospital TB Hospital located in Thakurganj expressed their displeasure by performing at the gate. Vinod Kumar Soni, District Minister of TB Hospital Diploma Pharmacist Association, who was protesting. Told that this demonstration is being done in protest against the transfer of health workers and freeze DA. Told that this demonstration was done for two hours which will continue till Monday. The health workers involved in the demonstration include Dr. Lavkush, Dr. Kapil Verma, Ravendra Singh Dr. Brajesh Singh Chief Pharmacist MC Rathore, Rajesh, Vinod Kumar Soni and all the doctors demonstrated.