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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Accused of trying to put a truck on the farmers who are on strike

BKYU district president Vijay Shastri has accused the farmers of trying to crush the farmers who were protesting at the Bahadarabad toll plaza with a truck. Giving information to the press, Vijay Shastri said that farmers are going on strike at Bahadarabad toll plaza. On Friday night, the farmers were sitting at the toll plaza. Meanwhile, breaking all the barriers, a speeding truck tried to crush the farmers. The farmers saved their lives by running away. Vijay Shastri alleged that the administration was not giving any protection to the farmers who were protesting. The security which was provided has also been removed. Toll plaza management and government administration is conspiring against the farmers. Which will not be tolerated under any circumstances. He said that a police complaint has been lodged against the unknown truck. The immediate action that should be taken. Otherwise the farmers will be forced to make a big agitation. Whose full responsibility will be of the government administration. State Vice President Rampal Singh alleged that the farmers have been staging a sit-in at the Bahadarabad toll plaza for 7 consecutive months. The government administration is continuously exploiting the farmers and laborers. Which will not be tolerated at all. During this, Chaman Lal Sharma, Virendra Pal, Rajendra Singh, Tinku Balian, Rohtas, Mohammad Azim, Kuldeep Saini, Subhash Singh Dhillon, Mohammad Islam, Subhash Kumbhal, Vikram Pal, Sompal, Joginder Singh Dhillon, Noor Hasan, Sanjeev Chauhan etc. were present. .