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Uttar Pradesh / Ayodhya : Population control awareness campaign organized in Madhavpur draft

◾️Every citizen has to come forward to get control over population: Prof. Ravi Shankar Singh
◾️University launched population control awareness campaign in Gram Panchayat Madhavpur Masauda

Presiding over the program, Vice Chancellor Prof. Ravi Shankar Singh said that today the population of the country is increasing rapidly. Every citizen has to come forward to get effective control over this. Poverty, illiteracy, non-compliance of programs like family planning, lack of resources, low death rate and high birth rate, lack of adult education, desire for boys, all these reasons, the population of India is increasing rapidly. The Vice Chancellor said that we all have a moral responsibility to control the growing population. There are many benefits to having a small family. Children get good care. The health of the child and mother is always good, which saves extra cost of medicines. The Vice Chancellor asked the citizens to be aware and choose a good family from a small family. The coordinator of the study center Prof. Tuhina Verma made the rural women aware about the purpose of women extension activity. He said that the Women’s Studies Center is motivating girls and women towards education, health, self-respect, economic self-reliance. In this sequence, Medical Officer Health Center in-charge Dr. Deepshikha Chaudhary said that it is necessary to acquaint the whole world with population control. While interacting with the local people on the issue of family planning, he discussed openly with people on all serious topics like gender equality, health of mother and child, gender education, use of contraceptive drugs to sex. Director Activity Club Dr. Mukesh Kumar Verma said that lack of education is a major reason for population growth. In the conservative thinking and male-dominated society, people produce many children in the desire of a boy. Population growth is a hindrance in the development of the country. On this occasion Dr. Shailendra Singh (Vice Chancellor of Special Duty), Dr. Hrishikesh Verma Ji, Dr. Mahima Chaurasia, Mr. Amit Verma, Mr. Vishal Gupta, Pankaj Gupta, Vipin Verma, Mr. Amarnath Pandey, Mrs. Padma Devi, Sunil Yadav, Vipul. Sharma, Somnath Verma, Meera, Geeta Verma, Vipin Verma, Mahendra Verma, Rakesh Verma, Sunny Sharma, Anand Yadav, Shailendra Yadav and students were present in large numbers.