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Water crisis will end of Delhi, Haryana released 16000 cusecs of water in Yamuna

Haryana has released 16,000 cusecs of water into Yamuna for Delhi. According to Delhi Jalboard vice-president Raghav Chadda – this water will reach Delhi in next three to four days. With this water reaching Delhi, the water crisis of Delhi will end. Earlier, Delhi’s Water Minister Satyendar Jain said on the allegations of the Haryana government that you are again talking like oxygen, will not give oxygen and will say that it is not distributed.

Satyendra Jain said this when Haryana government held the Delhi government responsible

If you will give water otherwise how will you manage it? You are again talking like oxygen, will not give oxygen and will say that you have not distributed. The water that has been fixed for Delhi should come. If 930 MGD is being supplied for Delhi and out of that 120 MGD will be reduced then how will it be managed.

On the statement of UP CM, ‘If the Delhi government had run the bus, the people of NCR would have been left to die’

Even at the time of peak of corona in Delhi hospitals, more than 25% of the people were admitted outside Delhi and all have been given free treatment in Delhi government hospital. Even today, if 15-20 admissions are like this every day, 25-30% of the people are from outside. There was a shortage of oxygen in Delhi, it is known to everyone when we wanted oxygen, we asked for it, and will ask for 10 times not once.

On preparations for monsoon
Satyendra Jain said- It is a good thing that monsoon has started, it is a matter of great relief. All the departments from the Delhi government have been given strict instructions not to let the water stagnate and remove it from the place where the water fills up in 10-15 minutes. Around 1500 pumps have been installed to drain the water.

on the water level of Yamuna
Haryana has stopped the water coming into Yamuna in Delhi, due to which there is a lot of problem in Delhi. Yamuna has the lowest level in the last 60-70 years. Now we have gone to the Supreme Court to give as much water as we have to give. If 120 mgd of water is reduced then there will be a lot of problem.