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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Congress demonstrated with empty cylinders in protest against rising inflation

Congress demonstrated against the BJP government by taking out a rally in Jamanpur Selakui against the rising prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. During this, an effigy of the BJP government was also set on fire in Chowk Bazar. Congress workers gathered in Jamanpur on Wednesday afternoon took out a protest rally with party flags and empty cylinders in their hands to protest against inflation. The workers, who reached Chowk Bazar in the form of a rally, demonstrated fiercely against the double engine government of the state and the Centre. The workers expressed their anger over the rising inflation by setting the effigy of the central government on fire. State General Secretary Akil Ahmed while attacking the double engine government said that the general public is suffering between inflation and corruption in the BJP government. Every day the government is increasing the prices of petrol, diesel and LPG. Due to which the crisis of bread for two times has arisen in front of the common man. The situation is that a laborer is not even able to maintain his family. Another corona and inflation on the other hand have broken the back of the common man. He also accused BJP leaders of harassment of women. Said that the people themselves will answer this corrupt and anti-people government of BJP. Among those who performed were Wahid Iqbal, Haji Sufi Sharif, Surjit Singh, Devi Singh, Soyb, Arshad Khan, Aleem Khan, Aman Khan, Jagdish Sharma, Mohd. Shamsad, Arshad, Riasudin, Parvez, Iqbal, Amjad, Afzal, Anzar Ahmed, Firoz, Nadeem Khan, Ujwal Sharma, Prashant Gupta, Saqib, Sawan, Hasan Khan, Nazim Khan, Adil, Haridarshan Sharma, Meherban, Farman etc. .