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Uttar Pradesh / Ayodhya : Case filed against Champat Rai for land purchase deal of Fakire Ram temple

Sant Shankaracharya of Kashi Avi Mukteshwaranand and Shiv Sena leader Santosh Dubey against Ram Mandir Trust secretary Champat Rai, demanding cancellation of sale deed of 350 years old Fakire Ram temple land adjacent to the 30,830 sq ft Ram Janmabhoomi site in Faizabad district. A civil suit has been filed in the court.

This land was bought by the Ram Mandir Trust on March 27 last for Rs 3.71 crore. A day before this mutation was ordered in favor of Mahant Raghuvar Sharan by the Sub-District Magistrate, Sadar Tehsil.

Faizabad Civil Judge Senior Division Sanjeev Tripathi had issued notices to Champat Rai, Mahant Raghuvar Sharan, priest Kripa Shankar Das and patron Ram Kishore Singh, who sold the temple premises land to the trust.

On August 6, the court had summoned all the parties including Sant Champat Rai of Kashi and Santosh Dubey, an accused in the Babri demolition earlier.

Keeping in view the expansion plan of Ram Janmabhoomi complex, the Fakire Ram temple is likely to be demolished.

Dubey and Kashi seer’s lawyer Tarunjit Verma have sought continuation of the rituals and a stay on any move to demolish the temple.

Verma said, “We have objected before the court that no one has the right to sell the temple as it is owned by the deity till the existence of the universe.” No one can sell or donate temple property.

It was sold to the Ram Mandir Trust on March 27 by Mahant Raghuvar Sharan on the consent of the priest and his patron.

Verma has also sought cancellation of the sale deed and order for mutation in favor of Mahant Raghuvar Sharan.

We also requested for appointment of a receiver for Ram Fakire temple as the sale and purchase of this temple is illegal due to pending litigation on the title of Mahant, he said.

The 300-year-old Fakire Ram temple complex with 50 rooms and a vast area in the north-eastern part of the Ram Janmabhoomi site was the same temple where the idol of Ram Lalla was hastily moved when the domes of the Babri Masjid were demolished on 6 December 1992 was going.

Its mythological significance is attributed to the fact that Lord Rama stayed here for one night before proceeding on his 14 years of exile.