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Uttar Pradesh : Transferred Express in Roadways and Transport Department till late night

◾️Nirmal Prasad became the new DTC of Lucknow Zone
◾️New ARTO Administration of BK Asthana Devan Road Extension Board
◾️Vikramjit Singh transferred as new SM of Lucknow region, Satyanarayan

Under the instructions of the government, the Transport Department and UP Roadways have also run the transferred express till late night on July 15. Since both the department and the corporation are headed by the same senior IAS Dhiraj Sahu, a lot of coordination had to be done at the administrative level during the transfer. However, in the Transport Department, while RTO, ARTO, PTO, Senior Assistant, Urdu translation to Peon etc. have been transferred on a large scale, on the other hand, in Transport Corporation also from RM and ARM to TS, TI, Accountant, Foreman and others. There was massive transfer of SSI etc. On the other hand, talking about the capital Lucknow, Nirmal Prasad, who was posted at the TC office under the new transfer, has been made the new DTC i.e. Deputy Transport Commissioner of Lucknow zone. Vidisha Singh, who was RTO enforcement of Lucknow division, has been made STA secretary, while RTO Sanjay Kumar Tiwari, who was in his own team, has been posted as Mirzapur RTO administration. In this episode, Ankita Shukla, who was posted at Devan Road Extension Board, was included in the enforcement team by attaching the TC office, while BK Asthana, who was posted in Lalitpur in her place, has been given the command of the new ARTO administration of the Extension Panel Office. . Similarly, Amit Rajan Rai, who was ARTO enforcement in Lucknow team, has been transferred to Ghaziabad enforcement team, while PTO Ravi Tyagi posted here has been sent from Lucknow to Gorakhpur. While Vishnu Kumar, who was the PTO of Ballia and Prashant Kumar, who was posted in Bareilly, both have been transferred to the Lucknow enforcement team.

Similarly, if we talk about UP Roadways, Satyanarayan, who was working as a service manager in Lucknow region for a long time, has been transferred and sent to Meerut region on the same post. Whereas SM Vikramjit Singh posted in Moradabad has been given the charge of new service manager of Lucknow region. At the same time, Luv Kumar Singh, who was posted in Greater Noida Depot, has been given the responsibility of new ARM of Kashi Depot located in Varanasi, the parliamentary constituency of PM Modi. Ram Lovet, who was the ARM of Jhansi depot, Sultanpur depot Ayodhya area and Priyam Srivastava posted in Kidwainagar depot Kanpur area, has been transferred to Jhansi depot on the same post. Apart from this, if departmental sources are to be believed, then the transfers at various levels in the Transport Department and Transport Corporation are yet to come.