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Uttarakhand / Vikas Nagar : Online ration cards of 85 people in the camp

A two-day camp was organized by the Food Supply Department to make the ration cards of the villagers of Sahiya area online and to amend the ration cards. Ration cards of 85 people were made online in the camp. In Jaunsar Bawar area, ration cards of most of the consumers could not be made online in the past. Apart from this, there were many flaws in the ration cards of the people. Due to which, despite having ration cards, many families were not able to get ration from cheap government bags. After the continuous demand from the villagers, a two-day camp was organized by the Food and Supplies Department at Sahiya. On the first day of the camp, people from remote rural areas got their ration cards online. Along with this, the names of many people were wrongly entered in the ration card and there were many types of inaccuracies. which were amended. On this occasion, the team of Supply Inspector JP Saklani, Jitendra Joshi, Assistant Development Officer Chatar Singh, Village Development Officer Kavita Bhatt, Deepak Rawat, Dinesh, Priya etc. removed the flaws of the ration cards.