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UP government does not want to upset the Kanwariyas before the elections, preparations start in Garhmukteshwar, there is a possibility of raising lakhs

Lakhs of people are likely to gather for the Kanwar Yatra in Garhmukteshwar, UP, after the Uttarakhand government banned the Kanwar Yatra. Although the matter is in the Supreme Court, preparations have started in Garhmukteshwar in view of Kanwar. In the name of preparations in Garhmukteshwar, only bamboo sticks have been installed on the ghat. Meanwhile, the operators of Ganga Committee in Garhmukteshwar have put forth a new demand from the UP government to unlock the Kanwar Yatra.

Kapil Nagar, director of Ganga Aarti Committee, Garhmukteshwar, said, “We have written a letter to the UP government asking that the lockdown of Kovid on Saturday and Sunday should also be relaxed so that the Kanwariyas do not face any problem.”

On the other hand, the administration is confused due to the matter being in the Supreme Court. Such meetings of officers are being held during the day regarding the Kanwar Yatra, while at night the police is patrolling the surrounding areas. In the second wave of Kovid, many people were infected in the Kumbh bath in Haridwar, but the operators of the ghats in Garhmukteshwar are confident about the corona protocol in the Kavad Yatra amid the possibility of a third wave of COVID.