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Uttarakhand / Pauri : Celebrated Harela festival by planting saplings on a large scale

On the occasion of Harela, the festival of Harela was celebrated by planting trees on a large scale in the district. On this occasion, a plantation program was organized under the chairmanship of MLA Mukesh Singh Koli on Kandoliya Van Panchayat land, in which various types of fruit and forest plants were planted. Plantation was organized in different areas along with the Government College Thalisain in the district. In the plantation program organized in Kandoliya, MLA Peepal, District Panchayat President Pauri Shanti Devi, Walnut by District Magistrate Garhwal Dr. Vijay Kumar Jogdande, SSP Pauri Garhwal P. Renuka Devi and Municipality President Pauri Yashpal Benam Peach, DFO Garhwal Mukesh Kumar A banana plant was planted by. DM said that on the occasion of Harela festival, plantation program has been organized in different blocks of the district. Plantation of about 20 thousand saplings has been done through the Forest Department at the headquarters level. He said that along with afforestation, the Horticulture Department has also set a target of planting 3 lakh saplings in this month, which is being done at block level. Said that this year efforts would be made to plant more and more saplings, as well as the blocks have been directed to plant trees to protect them. Duty of various officers will also be imposed for inspection and protection of plantation sites. Chief Agriculture Officer DS Rana, Chief Horticulture Officer Narendra Kumar, District Tourism Development Officer Khushal Singh Negi, District Supply Officer KS Kohli, Keshar Singh Aswal etc. were present on this occasion.