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Uttarakhand / Rudrapur : Padyatra of Congress Mahila Morcha in protest against rising inflation

Congress Mahila Morcha took out a padyatra against the rising inflation in the country. During this, he accused the double engine government of BJP of spoiling the budget of the house due to inflation. Said that at present inflation has shaken the common citizens. Due to which the head of the family is compelled to face mental torture for the maintenance of the family. During this, he warned that if the government does not control inflation soon, then the Mahila Morcha will launch a state-wide agitation. On Friday, a large number of women gathered in the Galla Mandi complex in the presence of Congress Mahila Morcha state in-charge Parvinder Kaur and provincial senior vice president Meena Sharma. From here, he took out a padyatra with placards and cylinder flexi in his hands, shouting slogans against the dumb engine government. State in-charge Kaur said that women are facing difficulties in running the household due to the huge increase in food items including gas cylinders. At the same time, the price of petroleum products has crossed Rs 100. The graph of incidents of violence against women has increased in the country and the state. At present the BJP is misleading the public even on the issue of Nazul. Said that the gas price in the UPA Congress government was four and a half hundred rupees. Diesel-petrol prices never increased, but inflation is at its peak in the dumb engine government. He warned that if inflation is not controlled soon, then there will be a fierce agitation. Here Congress leader Mamta Rani, former Health Minister Tilakraj Behad, Metropolitan President Jagdish Taneja, Preeti Sana, Jyoti Rani, Monika Dhani, Babita Bairagi, Indravati, Mansi Maurya, Munni Devi, Sarojrani, Kati Prajapati, Sarla Thakur, Manju Jain, Poonam Gupta , Lakshmi Devi, Uma Sarkar, Baby Sikander.