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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : The festival of Eid ul Azha celebrated in the traditional way

Namaz offered in Idgah following Kovid rules

The festival of Eid ul Azha was celebrated in a traditional way. Maulana Abdul Wahid offered Namaz to the office bearers of Idgah Committee Sadar Haji Irfan Ansari, Secretary Haji Naeem Qureshi, Naib Sadar Haji Rafi Khan, Cashier Chamma Contractor, Shamim Ahmed etc. at Idgah located in Jwalapur. During the Namaz, all the officials prayed for the end of the corona epidemic, peace and prosperity in the country and the world. While offering Namaz to the officials of Idgah Committee, Maulana Abdul Wahid said that the festival of Eid-ul-Adha is celebrated in the memory of the son of Hazrat Ibrahim. He said that only animals are not sacrificed on Eid. Rather, emotion is also sacrificed. Everyone should celebrate the festival by following the government guideline and cooperate in the end of corona epidemic. Follow social distancing, wear a mask and follow all the rules mentioned. Haji Irfan Ansari and Secretary of Idgah Committee Haji Naeem Qureshi said that the festival should be celebrated with unity, brotherhood and harmony. Properly dispose of all the remains of animals after the sacrifice, taking care of everyone’s feelings. He also thanked the police administration and the Municipal Corporation for proper arrangements. While congratulating everyone on Eid, Haji Rafi Khan and Chamma Contractor said that the sentiments of all religious communities should be respected. Celebrate this festival of harmony and unity with brotherhood. In compliance with the instructions issued by the government and administration to celebrate Eid-ul-Adha due to Corona epidemic, five people celebrated Eid in Jama Masjid, Aksha Masjid, Mandi Ki Masjid, Manihar Ki Masjid, Bhel, Kuba Masjid, Ali Masjid etc. Offered prayers. Due to the guidelines, people greeted each other on Eid by offering Namaz in their homes.