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Uttarakhand / Dehradun : Right of the people of the state to have free electricity: Jugran

Enthusiasm among the people of Uttarakhand about your free electricity guarantee card scheme

1 lakh 39 thousand registrations done in 7 days: AAP
Dehradun. Senior Aam Aadmi Party leader Ravindra Jugran said that after the announcement of 300 units of free electricity per month for every family by Kejriwal ji, there is a lot of enthusiasm among the people of Uttarakhand. A total of 1 lakh 39 thousand people have got themselves registered so far in the last 7 days under the guarantee card campaign started by you for free electricity. All these people have been given guarantee cards by party workers. In this registration campaign of yours, people from all over Uttarakhand are joining in large numbers and in the coming time you will reach homes and people very soon and make public aware about this campaign and free electricity card. In a press conference held at AAP State Office, he said that this campaign of the party is getting tremendous support from villages to towns and cities and people are showing eagerness to take free electricity. He told that 10 thousand AAP workers are going door-to-door registering people across the state. He said that after the AAP party knocked in the state, now the opposition parties are also talking on electricity. He said that Kejriwal ji’s power is now visible in Uttarakhand as well and now there will be only work politics in Uttarakhand which is now visible in Uttarakhand in the form of Kejriwal effect. Ravindra Jugran said, free electricity is the right of the people, because the people here have the right on the natural resources here and the public has now understood better that under the leadership of Colonel Kothiyal, their future will be golden and Uttarakhand will be Navnirman. People have now understood that if anyone can provide them free electricity, then only Arvind Kejriwal can give them. He said that Tehri Dam affected people were assured that electricity would be given to them free of cost. But till today those people are deprived of it and dozens of dams have been constructed in Uttarakhand including Tehri Dam, which are generating thousands of MW of electricity, despite this people are getting very expensive electricity. He questioned that whether free electricity is not our right and right. Will the Chief Minister, Minister, MLA, MP, Bureaucracy continue to consume free electricity? He said, free electricity is the right and right of the common citizen of Uttarakhand, should they not get this right in the form of free electricity on the natural resources of Uttarakhand, water, forest land? Is giving public money to the public freebies? Jugran said that this is not freebies, but it is the right of the people here which AAP party now wants to give to the people of Uttarakhand. It was the responsibility of the governments here to motivate the people to exploit their resources, but what could be a bigger misfortune than this that despite being an energy state, the people here have to buy electricity and use it. He further said that, now Congress BJP has also been stunned by this campaign of AAP and the party is quite sure that the party will continue to get the support of the people like this.