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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Plantation is necessary for the balance between human and nature : Swami Ravidev Shastri

Under the guidance of National General Secretary of Yuva Bharat Sadhu Samaj Swami Ravidev Shastri Maharaj, saints planted 108 plants in Bairagi Camp area. During this, Secretary, Haridwar Roorkee Development Authority, Lalit Narayan Mishra was also present. Swami Ravidev Shastri Maharaj said that due to unlimited progress in the field of science and competition of new inventions, today’s human wants to conquer nature completely. Due to this the balance of nature has deteriorated and the cutting of trees and plants is increasing continuously due to the increase in population. So we have to maintain the balance between human and nature by planting more and more trees. Because only by protecting the environment, life on earth can be preserved. Environmental protection is closely related to the life of all living beings and all the natural surroundings of this earth. In the future, keeping in mind that there should be no shortage of oxygen in the life of mankind, everyone should be aware and plant small trees around them and also in their homes. Because human life is completely dependent on nature. Swami Hariharanand Maharaj said that environmental protection means that we should preserve the environment around us and keep it friendly to life. Environment and animals are dependent on each other. This is the reason that the concept of environmental protection is as ancient in Indian thought. as much as the known history of mankind. That is why we need to preserve it keeping the feeling of love towards the environment and inspire others to do the same. Mahant Sutikshan Muni and Swami Dinesh Das Maharaj said that due to increasing population and unlimited industrialization, pollution is increasing continuously on the earth. Which is an indicator of danger for the entire human race. During the Corona period, people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen. Taking a lesson from this, the entire human race should conserve nature by planting more and more trees. Nature is a boon we got from God. We need to keep our surroundings green. Development Authority Secretary Lalit Narayan Mishra said that every person must plant trees in his lifetime, only then the balance of nature and human will be maintained. Saving the environment should be our first priority and every person should provide his support by being aware of environmental protection. During this DFO Haridwar, Sangh’s regional campaigner Padam Singh, Dr. Yatindra Nagayan, Dr. Neeta Nagayan, Mahant Nirmaldas, Mahant Shravan Muni etc. were present.