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Uttarakhand / Rudraprayag : Kedarnath MLA gave support to the ongoing fast for the hospital in Triyuginarayan

There is a dire need of primary health center in Triyuginarayan: Manoj Rawat

Kedarnath MLA Manoj Rawat reached the site of the protest in Triyuginarayan to support the ongoing fast for the hospital. Kedarnath MLA Manoj Rawat along with Chief Medical Officer Dr. BK Shukla also came to Triyuginarayan. MLA Manoj Rawat said that there is a dire need of a primary health center in Triyuginarayan. Many times letters have been written to the government itself but no action has been taken. Accusing the government, he has said that not a single hospital has opened in the last 4 years. He assured the villagers that if needed, he himself would sit on dharna and work to wake up the government. Manoj Rawat said that as an MLA of the opposition, no one is listening to me. He said that the health minister of the state was married at this holy place. They should take cognizance of themselves. The Chief Medical Officer also justified the demand of the people. Said that the proposal would be sent to the government.