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Monsoon session of Parliament: The process of passing the bill started without discussion

◾Lok Sabha approved two bills amid heavy uproar
◾Insolvency-reconciliation bill related to the ordinance was also introduced
◾The way has been cleared for the National Institute of Food Technology in Kundli, Haryana to get national importance.

Two important bills were passed in the Lok Sabha on Monday, the first day of the second week of the monsoon session, without any discussion amidst uproar by the opposition. Along with this the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Amendment Bill related to the ordinance was also introduced without any discussion. The proceedings of the House were disrupted for the fifth consecutive day due to the uproar of the opposition on many issues like Pegasus espionage, agricultural law. After the completion of legislative business, the house was adjourned for the day.

Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman first introduced the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code Amendment Bill after the lunch break. After this, the Factor Regulation Amendment Bill was introduced providing additional option of credit facility to small and cottage industries. Amidst heavy uproar, the House approved three amendments related to it by voice vote.
Seal on National Food Technology Bill also

The National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship and Management Bill, introduced by Consumer Affairs Minister Pashupati Paras, was also passed in the Lok Sabha. The bill was approved in the Rajya Sabha in the last budget session itself. With this, the way has been cleared for two institutes of food technology sector at Kundli in Haryana and Thanjavur in Tamil Nadu to get the status of Institute of National Importance. The bill aims at proper management of crops. On Pashupati, he said that the Standing Committee as well as the Upper House had given many suggestions on this bill brought for the betterment of the agriculture sector. All the important suggestions have been included in the bill.

So far, two bills related to the ordinance have been introduced.

The government has to pass six bills related to ordinances in this session. Due to the stagnation of business in both the houses of Parliament, so far only two bills related to this have been introduced in the Lok Sabha. Last week, the Essential Defense Services Bill, making strikes illegal and punishable in defense service institutions, was introduced. The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Amendment Bill was introduced on Monday. The government plans to get all the bills related to the ordinances passed in both the houses by next week.

Appeal to the opposition to join the discussion again and again
On Monday, the Lok Sabha Speaker, Chairman and Parliamentary Affairs Minister repeatedly urged the opposition to participate in the discussion. Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi said that the Opposition in the Business Advisory Committee (BSC) had agreed to cooperate in the legislative work. Apart from this, the government is repeatedly saying that it is ready for discussion on every issue. However, the members of the opposition continued to raise slogans by coming to the well on issues like Pegasus espionage, peasant movement, inflation.