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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Public representatives not serious about problems: Gulfam Peerji

People are facing huge inconveniences due to construction of half incomplete road and running sewer water of Teliyan, Bakra Market main road of suburban Jwalapur. Central Haridwar Mandal General Secretary Gulfam Peerji accused the public representatives of neglecting them. There is anger among the people of the area. Still, there is no solution to the problem. In the rainy season, due to incomplete road etc., muddy mud is spread everywhere. Traders are facing huge inconveniences. Divisional Minister Gulfam Peerji said that the dirty sewer water is flowing on the roads on the main road of Telian for months. Sewer water is accumulating in front of traders’ shops. Due to the incomplete construction of the road, people are facing huge inconveniences. Mayor husband Ashok Sharma only pretends to solve public problems. There was no solution for the sewer that was flowing for months. State Gaur, Furkan Gaur expressed displeasure and said that the people of Bakra Market and Mohalla Telian are leading a hellish life. Cleanliness is messy. Sewer is not cleaned. For months, the dirty water of the sewer is flowing in front of the mosque and the temple. People’s sentiments are getting hurt. The public representatives are not serious about the problems. On this occasion, Shahrukh Gaur, Sameer Mansoori, Shakeel, Rihanna, Meena etc. also expressed their displeasure.