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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Information about the policies of BSP given to the villagers in the meeting

In the meeting of Pal Samaj held in Bahadarabad, Gram Panchayat of Ranipur Legislative Assembly in conjunction with senior Bahujan Party leader Ompal Singh Pal, made people aware of the policies of the party and called upon them to join BSP. Addressing the meeting, Ompal Singh Pal said that every section of the society is troubled due to the anti-worker and farmer policies of the BJP government. BJP government is destroying the reservation by selling all government properties/departments to their favorite industrialists. Earlier, crime and corruption were at its peak during the rule of the Congress government which was in power in the state. Everyone has to come together to protect their rights. He said that the interests of all the society are safe in BSP. Amardeep Singh, Pawan Pal, Abhishek Pal, Ajaypal, Joni Pal, Satish Kumar Pal, Ompal Singh, Sudhir Kumar Pal, Anil Kumar, Pramod Pal, Sandeep Pal, Rampal Singh, Ompal, Subhash Pal, Rajendra Pal, Sunil Kumar Pal in the meeting Dozens of people including Janeshwar Pal, Shivkumar, Behroj Contractor, Usman Ali, etc. were present. Rajesh Kumar Pal, District President of Pal Samaj presided over the meeting.