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Oil prices rise again, petrol crosses Rs 111 and diesel Rs 100 for the first time

Petrol in the country became costlier by 25 paise and diesel by 30 paise per liter on Tuesday as crude oil crossed the seven-year high of $ 81 per barrel in the international market due to OPEC not increasing oil production according to demand by the apex body of oil producing countries. Gaya. Due to this, for the first time in some cities of the country, petrol crossed Rs 111 per liter and diesel Rs 100 per liter. Due to which their prices in the capital Delhi reached the all-time record level. After this increase, petrol in the capital Delhi reached an all-time high of Rs 102.64 per liter and diesel at an all-time high of Rs 91.07 per liter. Petrol has become costlier by 1.24 paise in the last one week. Diesel has also risen by Rs 2.45 per liter in 10 days. The meeting of OPEC countries was held yesterday in which it was decided to increase oil production by four lakh barrels per day, while after Corona, there is a tremendous increase in its demand globally. After this decision, there was a tremendous rise in crude oil in the international market. At the close of trading in the US market yesterday, Brent crude was up by $ 2.28 per barrel to $ 81.26 per barrel and US crude was up by $ 2.07 to $ 77.62 per barrel.

According to oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 102.64 per liter and diesel at Rs 91.07 per liter. Even after this increase, petrol in Noida of Delhi NCR is at Rs 99.94 per liter and diesel at Rs 91.68 per liter. At present, petrol in Bhopal has reached Rs 111.14 per liter and diesel at Rs 100.05 per liter.
Prices of petrol and diesel are reviewed daily and on the basis of that new prices are implemented every day from 6 am.

City Name——Petrol (Rs/Litre)——(Diesel Rs/Litre)
Delhi————— 102.64—————— 91.07
Mumbai-—————108.68—————— 98.80
Chennai—————-100.23 -—————95.59