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Uttarakhand / Champawat : As soon as the water level decreases, there will be a demarcation for mining : SDM

After the water level of the Sharda river recedes, within about 15 days, the Forest Department and the Forest Corporation will demarcate the downstream for mining. In the meeting held in Tanakpur tehsil, the SDM said that before this all other preparations should be completed. The mining businessmen put their problems before the administration during the meeting. Officials of the Forest Department and Forest Corporation were present in the meeting related to mining, chaired by SDM Himanshu Kafaltia. Here the SDM said that at present the water level in Sharda is very high, due to which the demarcation will not be possible. He said that the water would recede within about 15 days, after which the mining operation would be started. Shaktiman Union President Anand Singh Mehar said that Rs 130 per round is charged from the mining traders in the name of road improvement, but the road is never improved for the operation of vehicles. Said that those people are objecting to this and have made up their mind not to pay the fee. At the same time, the crusher operators also talked about buying the goods according to the standards. CO Avinash Verma, Tehsildar in-charge Pinky Arya, Mines Officer Dinesh Kumar, Forest Department Inspector Mahesh Singh Adhikari, Dev Kaloni, Ashok Murari etc. were present in the meeting.