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Uttarakhand / Haridwar : Devotees inundated at Ganga Ghats

The Pitru Amavasya of Shradh Paksha is being celebrated with reverence by the Hindu devotees on Wednesday. There is an influx of devotees at the Ganga Ghats on this occasion. Huge crowd of devotees was seen all over Haridwar including Harki Paidi. At the same time, the doors of Narayani Shila Temple remained closed till 11 am. After this the devotees could worship at the place. There will be no tarpan ceremony here. A fair was also held near the temple on Wednesday. The movement of any kind of vehicles remained closed on the way from Tulsi Chowk to Devpura via Narayani Shila.

Devotees reached Dharmanagri till late Tuesday night
Due to Korana infection, in the year 2020 on Sarva Pitru Amavasya, with some restrictions, devotees came to Dharmanagari and offered obeisances to the ancestors by bathing in the Ganges. This time the corona infection has reduced a lot. In such a situation, there is an influx of devotees in Dharmanagari on the occasion of Sarva Pitru Amavasya on Wednesday. Devotees from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Eastern Uttar Pradesh reached Dharmanagri till late Tuesday night.

Devotees are taking bath since morning at all the Ganga Ghats, including Harki Paidi, for the bath to be held on Wednesday. At the same time, this bath will go on till late evening. Devotees are offering tarpan after worshiping at Kushaghat. Manoj Kumar Tripathi, the chief priest of Narayani Shila Mandir, told that there will be no tarpan program in the temple premises. Those people whose place has become, they will be able to worship.